LSZ GotY 2014: Best Performance

Kelly’s Choice:


Aren’t you surprised it isn’t Troy Baker? Seriously though, Laura Bailey shocked and awed this year through her very talented performances. In the year 2014 she has been featured in various games including Tales from the Borderlands (Fiona), Middle-earth: Shadows of Mordor (Ioreth), Dragon Age: Inquisition (Bianca/Dagna) and Sunset Overdrive (Wendy). Most notably for me was her performance as Abigail “Fetch” Walker in InFAMOUS: Second Son and InFAMOUS: First Light. I don’t believe that anyone could have captured the complexity of Fetch’s character better than Bailey, she truly brought the character to life.

Laura Bailey is truly one of the most talented voice actresses out there and is definitely deserving of this award, she continues to bring a level of excellence in the voice acting department to every game she is featured in.

Fysh’s Choice:


Melissa Hutchison has shown her talent as numerous characters in games developed by Telltale Games, but in her best known role as Clementine in The Walking Dead she really shines. This year her performance as Clementine in season two was, to me, the biggest stand out performance for any character in a game I played. She brings everything to the table and makes Clementine one of the most emotionally charged roles I have seen. No game moved me more than the second season of The Walking Dead this year, and that is largely due to Hutchison’s outstanding performance.