LSZ Game of the Year 2014: Best New IP

LSZ GotY 2014: Best New IP

Kelly’s Choice:


In the world of gaming, IP stands for “intellectual property” or in other words a new idea. This means a game that is brand new and never been done before. My choice for this year’s best new IP is Destiny. While Destiny did have its flaws, I feel as if it aimed very high and nearly met the expectations that its developers set forth. Seeing as it’s the first game of its kind, Destiny did a good job of creating a new experience for console gamers and thus deserves the title of best new IP for the year 2014.

For more details on my thoughts about the game check out my review.

Fysh’s Choice:

September 8th, 2014 @ 13:30:16

While Lord of The Rings games are nothing new, Shadow of Mordor is definitely what I would consider a new gaming IP, as this has a unique identity and is not tied directly to any previous games in the Lord of The Rings mythos. The game does barrow its combat system blatantly from the Batman Arkham games, but the nemesis system is an innovative and fantastic contribution to games. The game as a whole is a ton of fun, and tells a fairly strong story. Though this IP may not have a certain future of sequels, there certainly were hints of the possibility of the continuation of Talion’s story.

6 thoughts on “LSZ Game of the Year 2014: Best New IP

  1. I’m not trying to start anything here, but Destiny is not the first game of it’s kind. Maybe it is on console, but it borrowed a lot from Warframe, and some of Borderlands, but it doesn’t do it well. I’ve played a lot of both Destiny and Warframe and I couldn’t help but notice the similarities between the two of them.

    Once again I’m not saying that Destiny is a bad or good game I’m just stating that it’s not one of a kind.


    • I don’t recall claiming it was one of a kind, if I did then I apologize for the misinformation. I figured it was common knowledge at this point that it’s the first of its kind on console, as in the first AAA, major MMO-style shooter, so that is what I meant to imply in the brief description.

      It won best new IP for me and it’s undoubtedly a new IP. If I wasn’t more clear in regards to details (mainly the point you brought up) then that’s my mistake, but I in no way meant to say it is one of a kind as I know it is not quite that.


      • It’s cool. I hope I didn’t upset you by saying that. Maybe I just mistook what you wrote. I still think it’s just Borderlands in space, but that’s just me. The only difference is I love Borderlands and quit on Destiny when I realized how little it offered me.

        What did you think of the new expansion? Have you written about it?


      • I have yet to play the expansion myself as I have been busy with work, the holidays and Dragon Age: Inquisition. My fiance (Fysh, the other writer) has been playing it frequently though and enjoys it quite a bit.


      • I know what you mean. Dragon Age took quite a bit of my time too and I loved every second of it :].

        I was… disappointed in the expansion. It’s one of the reasons why I got rid of the game. I guess I just expected more. It’s not an expansion to me. An expansion to me is like Dragon Age Awakening, or Dragonborn not a few new missions, and some more half ass story missions.

        That’s just one guy’s opinion though. Most of my friends love the expansion so I guess I’m in the minority here :].


  2. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Shadow of Mordor. Better add it to my list of last years games to catch up on next to Drive Club & Infamous Second Son.


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