I love Dragon Age: Inquisition, absolutely LOVE it, yet I can’t seem to figure out why that is. It’s mostly odd to me because I didn’t care for Dragon Age Origins or Dragon Age 2 and if I didn’t like the first two games in a series, why the heck do I like the third so much that I have put well over 160 hours into it? In order to figure this out I think it’s important to clarify what I didn’t like about the first two games. It has absolutely nothing to do with the story, I know that much is true. I actually really like the story throughout the first two Dragon Age games. I also like the characters, from what I know of them via the little bit of each that I played as well as from what my fiance tells me (he has played both).

I suppose what I disliked most about the first game was the gameplay. I just could not get into it, no matter how hard I tried and trust me I tried multiple times with multiple different characters and classes. I’m thinking that if I went back now I wouldn’t have as much of an issue as I am so completely devoted to the Inquisition, but previously I just couldn’t do it. For Dragon Age 2 the issue was the environment. I got bored with visiting the same places over and over again with little variation aside from why I was there. I felt that for a RPG the map was way too small. So small that I just stopped playing one day and never went back. Again, I think that if I went back now I’d get over the smallness and enjoy the game but alas I have yet to do that.


So back to the question at hand, what makes me love Dragon Age: Inquisition so much? Off the top of my head there are a few standout things that really make this game as impressive as it is. One of those things is the cast. Throughout the game you are accompanied by a select group of close friends. These companions are who you go to for advice, who you bring along with you on the battlefield and who you truly trust. Bioware did an amazing job (yet again) at developing a set a characters that actually provoke emotions from the player; you find yourself actually caring about what these animated people think and feel. I find that to be extraordinary and one of the main reasons why I am so hooked to this game. I also really enjoy the story, even without having personally experienced the two previous games’ narratives. It’s thought-provoking and intriguing, keeping you hooked in to it with both your mind and your emotions. The gameplay is also enjoyable. It is as dramatically fast-paced or tactically slow-paced as you want it to be which leaves the door open to various play styles. It’s a fun game to play, all other things aside, and that is intensely important in my opinion.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a large game full of areas to explore and side quests to complete, and I also enjoy that. I enjoy playing good games that offer up a great deal of play time and this game is the epitome of that. With various large, expansive areas to explore and seemingly endless side missions alongside the well spaced main campaign, you can spend 80+ hours on one single playthrough and even that may not be enough to complete everything. Another thing that makes this game as awesome as it is is the amount of diversity and inclusion it offers. Not only are the NPC’s diverse and full of differing personalities, genders, sexualities, religious standpoints, races, skin colors and backgrounds but the character you create also embodies all these things. Your character can be who you want them to be and I love that. My first character was a female elf mage, because I am a female and I typically enjoy being able to play through RPG’s as a character I can relate to on that level. She was straight and ended up romancing Cullen, she had mixed feelings about the Maker and Adraste but in the end she became an Andrastian. My second character is a male elf rogue, he is gay and in a relationship with Dorian. He believes in elven gods, not the Maker or Andraste. My point is that it’s fun to create characters and play them either how you are in real life, how you want to be, or how you can’t be but it would be interesting if you were. The possibilities are infinite and enjoyable. There is such a great level of diversity in this game which is typical of Bioware games and I will forever love them as a developer for that.


So in conclusion – I just love this game. I feel that it is so well done and properly put together that there is no way around loving it. The story is enticing, the characters are fun and charismatic, the gameplay is kick ass, the map size is huge and there is a place for everyone in the story thanks to Bioware’s devotion to inclusion and diversity. What is not to love? It is truly a brilliant game and I most definitely urge anyone who has yet to play it to go out and purchase it now. You are missing out big time unless you are playing this game right now.