Male privilege within the gaming community is an important discussion for many reasons and understanding it is also very crucial. Knowing what male privilege is and how it affects the world of video games is the first step to realizing how males unknowingly benefit from the sexism that is institutionally in place against women. Once an understanding is reached we can move forward with doing away with sexism.

The video below, titled “25 Invisible Benefits of Gaming While Male”, is based on the article titled “Playing with privilege: the invisible benefits of gaming while male” written by Jonathan McIntosh on Polygon. McIntosh states that:

“Working towards solutions [to sexism] requires that, as male gamers, we become aware of the ways in which we unconsciously benefit from sexism. We can’t work to fix something unless we first see and understand its effects. When women as a group are systematically targeted by discrimination, it means that men are elevated by default.

This phenomenon is often referred to as Male Privilege. The term may sound a little bit like academic jargon, but it’s useful in helping describe the set of unearned advantages men automatically receive, and which women do not given the same social circumstances. As in the rest of society, male privilege can manifest in both overt and subtle ways inside gaming culture.”

The video and article obviously speak for themselves and I hope that by sharing it with my readers I encourage more understanding of the issue of privilege so that we can find a solution to sexism. I find this discussion to be rather pertinent in order to move forward in the fight for equality for women and other non-privileged groups within the gaming community. It’s not meant to place blame on or to vilify males, but rather to draw attention to a subject that I find is not discussed as often as it should be. Please be sure to leave you thoughts on the video in the comment section below.