Comic books are outrageously in demand right now and with both DC Comics and Marvel Comics going through some major changes now is the best time to dig into some new, fascinating comic book runs. I myself have been getting into a variety of different series and becoming attached to all kinds of characters from both Marvel and DC, as well as publications outside of the “big two”. Comic books are great fun and should be enjoyed by all so it is high time I talked about some of my favorites with you all. In this post I’ll be discussing the five more recent comic book runs that I recommend the most, if you haven’t already started them for yourself. Keep in mind that these would also make some great holiday gifts for the comic book fans in your life!

Batman and Robin Eternal


The series takes place after the all-encompassing DC Comics Convergence event and follows Red Hood, Red Robin, Dick Grayson and others as they fight against a powerful new enemy threatening all of their lives. Their foe, known as Mother, is connected to the past and the present which leads to plenty of great Batman and Robin flashbacks as well as a new, interesting story unfolding in the present. What I love about Batman and Robin Eternal is its use of all the prominent Robin’s as they work together for a common cause, which we rarely get to see on this scale. With the addition of popular characters like Cassandra Cain, Harper Row and Stephanie Brown this series jam-packed with a great cast to pair with its intriguing narrative. Batman and Robin Eternal has been keeping me on the edge of my seat thus far, therefore I highly recommend it to fans of the Bat-verse as well as anyone looking to get into a good Bat-verse series. It’s still relatively new with only seven issues out thus far, but with an issue coming out every week it will soon be hard to stay on top of it so if you are interested then get caught up on this one sooner rather than later.



This comic series follows the character Midnighter on his quest to recover dangerous biotech weapons stolen from the God Garden, which have the ability to cause unknowable devastation. Midnighter has taken it upon himself to gather up these weapons and lock them back up with the help of his bio-engineered enhancements which make him the ultimate fighting machine, able to take on any foe who stands in his way. This series, which began this year as a Grayson spinoff, is one of the only comics to ever feature an openly gay main character. His confidence isn’t limited to his superior skills but also in himself and his sexuality, which adds a lot of personality to his character. What I love about Midnighter is his uniquely cocky yet charming nature; he can be a bit overly confident but it’s never a turn off and only adds to his overall likability. He isn’t afraid to show others why he is the best at what he does but he does it in a way that is enjoyable (for the reader) and fun. It’s not all fun and games however, as he too has struggles and personal issues to sort through throughout the series. All in all, Midnighter has been a pleasure to read thus far and I truly recommend it to anyone looking for a badass comic series featuring an awesome protagonist and a captivating narrative. With only six issues out so far it’s not too late to jump into this fantastic series for yourself!



The Starfire series focuses on the character herself as she tries to find peace on Earth. Koriand’r, nicknamed Starfire, is an alien warrior princess which most people know as part of the Teen Titans or the Outlaws. In this series, however, she is on her own in Key West, Florida making new friends and finding herself in new situations; this is a all-new, never before seen side of the beloved DC character. For the first time Starfire is doing away with big battles and superheroism in exchange for a life of peace among humans. Starfire is less about action and battles and more about the character living life and experiencing humanity as an alien. She is funny, quirky and delightfully aloof as she tries to figure out humans and human culture, adding a lot of personality to the comic series itself. What I’ve been enjoying most is the way Starfire is written. I’m so used to seeing characters like Starfire fighting in big battles and being heroes so it’s refreshing to see a character simply live and have fun. Of course, there is also some action and definitely a lot of intrigue, but it’s not only about that which is nice for a change. The writing is fantastic and while it sounds like it should be boring or dull, it’s far from it. Reading Starfire is fun and relaxing which is why I recommend that others get in on the action as soon as possible.

Captain America White


The ever amazing Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb (Spiderman: Blue, Batman: The Long Halloween, Catwoman: When in Rome, etc.) have once again teamed up to bring us Captain America: White. This mini-series which spans a mere five issues follows Steve Rodgers, AKA Captain America, and tells an untold story of Rodgers’ heroism during WWII. The mini-series also showcases a good deal of back story that specifically surrounds Rodgers’ bond with Bucky Barnes, his best friend and sidekick. I’m personally a huge fan of many of Sale and Loeb’s partnership projects and this comic series is no different. With expert storytelling and a unique art style, Captain America: White drew me in immediately and has kept me wanting more since the first issue’s release in September of this year. This is a great read for any fan of comic books and specifically fans of Captain America. With Captain America: Civil War releasing next year in theaters*, now is a great time to catch up on any and all Cap comics!

*Note: This series is not related to the Marvel Civil War comic arc or the upcoming film.



The Spider-Gwen series takes place in an alternate universe (Earth-65) in which Gwen Stacy was bitten by a radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker, who ends up being the one who dies while she lives on as Spider-Woman. The character of Spider-Gwen made her first appearance in the Spider-Man event known as Spider-Verse. She was given her own series which spanned all of five issues before being directly involved in the Marvel Secret Wars event, emerging on the other side of the event with another volume of comics. Volume 2, which began after Secret Wars, continues where the first volume ended. Spider-Gwen is an interesting comic series because of its place in an alternate universe. It’s completely different in many ways from the universe of Spider-Man and therefore gives us uniquely new storylines and characters. On top of that, Gwen’s personality is entertaining and her inner dialog paired with what she is going through makes for a truly enjoyable read. I personally skipped her tie-ins during the Spider-Verse and Secret Wars events and dug straight into her solo comics with no trouble, so even if you aren’t fully caught up on those events these comics are still fantastic. Volume 2 is only two issues in, making this a great time to get your Spider-Gwen on!

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