This past Sunday the Season 6 finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead aired on TV and it was quite the episode. After watching it I needed a little time to properly digest what I had seen and make peace with the fact this this season ended with one of the biggest cliffhangers ever seen in this series: Who died? There’s a lot to talk about, including many raised questions, before Season 7 begins in October.

To begin, there was an awful lot going on in this episode and almost all of it was purely emotional. This is the first episode in a long time in which we see a desperate, afraid and stressed out Rick Grimes. We have become accustomed to him being so in control and confident that seeing him in such a way now really highlights just how dire this whole Negan/Saviors business is. We also see Morgan kill a man in this episode which is now outside of his personal morality, making it a bit of a surprise. He killed in order to save Carol’s life, which makes sense, but it was definitely unexpected given his recent track record of trying to save all lives.

Immediately after the kill a couple of guys, one of which was seen looking for a horse in the previous episode, come up to Morgan and ask him what happened then offer him some help. These men are seemingly kind enough, they have matching armor on and are using spears which were made at Hilltop, as previously noted by Rick. This suggests they come from an organized group, one which likely trades with Hilltop and is therefore not a threat. So what is next for Morgan and Carol? This is an interesting question and one which I don’t have much of an answer to considering I have not personally read the comics, though I am familiar with some of them thanks to my mom, and I have no idea what to expect here. I’m hoping that these people though can maybe team up with those at Alexandria to take on the Saviors but we will have to wait and see for more definite answers.

TWDNegan-1The big showdown is at the end of the episode as we see Rick, Carl, Michonne, Abraham, Daryl, Sasha, Eugene, Aaron, Glenn, Maggie and Rosita on their knees lined up in front of Negan. After Negan delivers a powerful and generally terrifying speech about how angry he is that Rick’s people killed his Saviors, how Rick now works for him and how one of these people has to pay the price (ie: die) for the aforementioned killing of Saviors by Rick. After some deliberation he does some classic “eeny meeny miney moe” and chooses someone, beating them over the head with a bat dauntingly wrapped in barbed wire that is named Lucille. The big cliffhanger? We don’t see who he chose. That is the big question we are all left with after this episode: Who the hell did Negan kill?

All anyone knows for certain is that it’s not Rick or Carl as they were singled out before the beating by Negan saying something along the lines of “if anyone yells/fights back/etc. pull out the kid’s other eye and feed it to his dad”. We know that in the comic book it was Glenn who died here but we also know the show doesn’t follow all the exact same scenarios as the comics. For example, in the show Denise was recently killed by getting a surprise arrow through the eye but in the comic book it was Abraham who died in that way.

Glenn isn’t necessarily safe because of this but he is also not the guaranteed death. Due to this I’ve surmised that it is not likely to be Glenn, due to that being expected and therefore pointless to conceal from the viewer in such a way. I also don’t think it would be Maggie since she is in the process of being developed in a meaningful way as a character, making it silly to kill her off now. Aaron, Sasha, Eugene and Rosita dying would have little impact on the story or dynamics of the group as a whole so concealing any of their deaths also seems a bit pointless. This leaves the heavy hitters: Daryl, Michonne or Abraham.


My money is on Abraham for a couple of reasons. He has been going through a lot of changes lately and seems to be more solid as a character. He’s happy, he has a new outlook on life and he has been key for a long time. His death would have an impact on the group since he’s a very capable fighter and a good friend. Viewers would also mourn Abraham as we have been following his development for a while now and while I’m not his biggest fan, I think his death would have an impact. My other reason for betting on him here is because I really couldn’t take it if it was Michonne or Daryl who died. Michonne is my favorite character and her dying would literally cause me to stop watching the show for at least a little while. Daryl is another one of my favorites and seeing him die would have a similar impact on me as well as the fanbase as a whole. Sadly, these two are major charterers and them dying would be extremely impactful on the audience as well as the group within the show, making them the perfect death candidates. Again, we will just have to wait and see.

None of it makes me happy at all and having to wait until October to see what happened is basically torture, but that is the way of things. Regardless of who died or what happens with Morgan, Carol and all the others we still have one hell of a season to look forward to. In Season 7 we will be back to being on the edges of our seats as the group will be scared, stressed and generally disadvantaged for the first time since their initial run in with The Governor. You’ve read my take on the situation, what is yours?

Let’s Discuss…

  • Who do you think Negan killed in the Season 6 finale and why?
  • What do you think is next for Morgan and Carol after the events that transpired around him?
  • What do you think is next for Rick and the gang in Season 7 and what do we have to look forward to?

Share your thoughts/opinions. Get loud, be heard, speak your mind! I’d love to read your feedback.